Our history
Having been in the cosmetics industry for over 10 years, our team has evolved and acquired intense experience in the field. This allowed us to make two major observations: First, there is a strong demand for premium natural products. However, the offer remains quite rare. Secondly, our hectic lifestyle has a direct impact on our microbiota and causes premature aging of our skin.

Our range is based on the power of active ingredients derived from biotechnology and bio-fermentation. These act as a real cellular booster to improve the quality of your skin. They are also developed to protect your skin against environmental factors such as blue light and pollution.

Lulior's undeniable advantage is based on years of product development and strong expertise in ingredient selection. This allows us to offer a range of products concentrated in active ingredients suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Lulior is above all the alchemy between technological innovation and naturalness.