Radiant action

Many factors, internal and external, can impact your skin. Pollution, stress, hormones, tobacco…

When you have a dull complexion, dead skin cells are not eliminated properly and the quality of the skin is altered by slowing cell renewal. But it is possible to regain radiant skin!

Prioritize a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and if possible limit abusive exposure to screens.

To revive the radiance of your skin, it is essential to adopt a beauty routine that will stimulate the epidermis and cell renewal. Before applying your care, remember to clean your skin, which will naturally stimulate cell renewal.

Choose a radiance serum that will regulate skin pigmentation by reducing oxidative stress, regulating DNA repair and strengthening the skin's natural defences.

With Lulior Serum Botox Effect, you will find that your skin will be more rested and more radiant just in 5 days.